Wow! It’s a new MacBook Pro!

Wow wow wow… finally it’s here.

I just got my new MacBook Pro 2020 on last Wednesday.

I’ve dreamed for a long time to own a MacBook. Even in my Lenovo laptop, I used the MacBook wallpaper since a very long time (2 years+) and wished to have a Macbook in the next future.

And finally I got it.

That Desire

My desire to buy Macbook was already high since the middle of this year. About June/July.

At that time, I already plan to buy a secondhand Macbook. I searched across the internet to find the best price and value.

The price is around IDR 15M for a good used Macbook Pro 13 inch 2015. Around 17M for the 15inch series.

I already spare the money to buy it until I realize that I didn’t really need a Macbook machine at that time. It is just “want”, not a “need”.

Also I realized that the performance of the Macbook Pro 2015 maybe is not really high compared to my Lenovo laptop due its old gen Intel chip.

It have a dual-core 5th gen processor, while my Lenovo laptop have a dual-core 7th gen processor. Yeah it’s still a great machine, but the performance gap is not really high.

The Problem with 2016-2019 Macbook

I don’t even think to buy the 2016-2019 Macbook due its butterfly keyboard problem. If I buy those machine (moreover a secondhand one), it’s very bad if I got this problem.

I mean, for the machine with that high price, it’s really upset if there was a problem in the keyboard because keyboard is a very crucial part of my computer usage. The error in one letter can make the keyboard (and the machine) became useless.

So, the option is between the 2015 and 2020 Macbook.

The Choice

My choice end up for the 2020 Macbook. Although it have a slightly higher price, but it really worth the money.

  • Higher specs (quad-core 8th gen Intel processor)
  • It’s a new machine, not used machine
  • Have longer lifetime than the 2015 mac

Moreover, in this time I already need to buy a new laptop because:

  • My laptop is already not comfortable to use (it is still work fine, but I’m not comfortable)
  • I already save more money
  • My desire to buy a Macbook is already in an unhealthy level–it break my focus every time and make me not productive

Why not wait for the ARM Macbook

I need the machine now, while the launch of ARM Macbook is still not uncertain.

I’ve waited for ARM Macbook at the Apple September event, but there is no Macbook launch there. Not even the signal.

Another reason can be that the ARM Macbook is still need some time to be fully functional–due the two years transition from Intel to ARM Macbook.

So, I think it’s the best time to buy a 2020 Macbook now while waiting the ARM Macbook to be fully compatible with all of the software.

The Unboxing Experience

Here we go, this is the photo-first unboxing experiences:

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