Working with Manim (again)!

Some time ago, I decided to stop learning manim for a while. It just uhm… too complicated.

It can be better if I found another visualization tool that easier to use.


While watching videos on Youtube, I meet again with the video of 3Blue1Brown, and I was bewitched by the beauty of the animation (again).

You know the rest.

I’m learning manim again to produce 3b1b-style mathematics animation.

I have idea to produce the movement of charged particle in magnetic field due to Lorents Law. I was working on this about 5 days, and it still on progress.

I also have an idea to elaborate 3b1b’s video about collision that somehow compute pi.

While the first idea is not yet finished, here is the final video of the second idea:

The side story of the video

I plan to give naration to the video above to make it more like 3b1b style.

But it is really complicated to do that. Synchronize my voice with the animation, making my voice clearer, and adjust the tone.

After trying working on that, I decided to make the video anyway using text-based explanation.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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