What Do You Do For Entertainment?

This night I’ve been massaged by my friend, Husen.

In the middle of the relaxing process, he asked me: “What do you do for entertainment?” (In indonesian: Hiburanmu apa Jrul?)

That question make me think for a while. Eh? What do I do for entertainment?

I don’t think I have some kind of entertainment things as people in general.

I don’t play game. I’m suck at that.

I like watching movies, but not that much. I only watch movies that interesting for me.

Sport? Not my stuff.

Hmm… Music maybe? Yeah I like music, but most of the time it makes me feel dizzy. I listen to the music as the background when I clean my room.

So, what do I do for entertainment?

I said to Husen,

“I don’t have entertainment like what people in general do.

But for now, I like learning computer programming, reading books sometimes, and building my business. That’s what I do in my spare time.”

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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