Trying Youtube Premium: It’s Super Worth It!

One week ago, I decided to start a free-trial of Youtube Premium–after a lot of pop-ups that forces me to do that.

There are three options for this free trial:

  • Personal: 2-month free trial, then IDRĀ 59,000.00/month
  • Student: 1-month free trial, then IDR 34,990.0/month
  • Family: 1-month free trial, then IDR 89,000/month (up to 5 family members)

I chose the personal package where I get 2 month of the free trial.

Is it worth the money?

Based on the one week experience, I can say that it is super worth it.

I’m a frequent user of Youtube. Every fucking single day, I always open Youtube.

And every time I watch a video, I got distracted by the 5-seconds ad before and during the video.

At first time, I thought of it as a normal thing, but in time it was quite annoying too

By using Youtube Premium, all of those annoying things are gone. Just by paying IDR 59k per month after a 2-month free trial.

Compared to other subscription that I ever did, I think this is the best subscription service I pay for.

I subscribed to Gramedia Digital a few months ago, but I didn’t actively use it.

I also subscribed to Medium this month, but I think it not worth the money because I rarely use it.

So, after the 2-months free trial end, I will definitely continue my subscription for Youtube Premium.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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