How It Started – My Tiktok Journey #1


I’ve started posting on Tiktok on 10th November 2020 with zero experience and zero follower.

Today is 22th November, and I already have 3800+ followers on Tiktok.

How it begins

Because I have no experience on creating content on Tiktok–and I am not a daily Tiktok user, I started by doing experiment on creating variety content that I want to make.

I made videos about:

  • origin of some mathematics formula
  • narrative video (the style that I ever made on Youtube)
  • recreating trending video on Tiktok and add some math flavour

…but none of them is success.

(The view counts in this pic are became high after one of my video went viral–explained below)

Recreating Tiktok’s trending video gave me some peak on views, but it is not really high.

I got my first traction on my 9th video, where I do a reaction video to one of the popular Tiktok user. I gave explanation about meteor shower, that it is not as scary as she explained.

After seeing the traction, I decided to do that kind of video again for my 10th video, and adjusted my bio.

And it blew up.

Really really blew up.

The view count grew to about 80k.

And my follower skyrocketed from just 6 followers to about 1500 in under 24 hours.

My Tiktok profile on 22th November 2020


I got the idea of reaction video from a twitter account @astrokirsten.

She posted his Tiktok video on Twitter, and then I looked up to her account.

Then, I realize that the concept of her video is interesting and can suit me very well.

I do that, and it really works.

I will maintain the momentum of my Tiktok growth to get 10k follower by the end of this month.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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