The Magic of Tiktok – Tiktok Journey #3

I don’t know how does this happened, but my followers on Tiktok really skyrocketed.

On my previous note, I mentioned that my follower count grew to about 5k.

And now… seven days later, my follower is 63.8k. What a number!

I don’t really understand what did Tiktok do to my account, but hey, they put my content on FYP repeatedly.

They put my emotional content, along with my other reaction content, on the FYP and some of the viewer are converted to follower.

The middle one is the emotional content–that already has 1.1M views!

I don’t think I will grow this fast on Tiktok.

Some time ago, I plan to buy a new phone (iPhone XR) if my Tiktok follower count reached 20k.

I think I will reach that point at least at the end of this year or maybe at the beginning of next year.

But hey, I already did beyond! (Tiktok did it actually)

And since I got this number so fast, I don’t think I will buy that new phone. It just can wait.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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