The iPhone Paradox and How The Case Change The Look of My New Phone

iPhone paradox is a paradox where the phone manufacturer makes high-quality phones (so that the price becomes high), but the user uses some accessories to protect the phone (temperred glass, case, etc) because of its high price that actually degrades the phone quality.

And surprisingly, this paradox happened to me.

My new phone is nice. The screen, the body, and the camera are nice. But it also feels like frail. I’m afraid whenever I put the phone in the table, as it can (maybe) scratch the body.

And finally I bought a case to protect the phone.

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Yeah I got trapped on the iPhone paradox, but at least I feel more safe as the phone got it case to protect the body.

And it also feel stronger and comfortable to hold.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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