The Holy Traffic: 200,000 visitors per day!

Santif got a new milestone. This week, the visitor to the website reaches the number of 200,000 per day. What a number!

The first year when I wrote blog posts at Saintif in 2016, there was about 1,000 visitor/day. And I thought that it is a huge number.

I also thought that it was so hard to increase the website traffic as the science topic is kind of hard topic with just little search volume on Google.

But it turned out that I was wrong.

Today, the Saintif’s website traffic is increasing overtime to the number that I never imagine before.

In the recent months, the website traffic has crawled up significantly.

From 10,000…


50,000… (I thought that this will be the inflection point)



and now it is 200,000!

The side problem of this achievement is that the hosting resource can’t accommodate the traffic. So that I have to think about this as soon as possible.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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