How to Install and Launch Jupyter Notebook from Terminal

Jupyter Notebook is unique tool for web-based interactive programming environment. It can execute python command line by line with interactive displayed result. Google Colaboratory is actually using this Jupyter Notebook format and I found it is very interesting. So I tried to use it on my laptop.… Baca selengkapnya

The Right Way to do Blender Cloud Rendering using Amazon AWS’s GPU

I just found the better way to do GPU rendering using Amazon AWS EC2. Previously I requested the AWS Team for the access of P instances in EC2 that have a powerful Tesla K80 GPU. After two days of the process (and communication), finally, I can use the lowest version P instance: p2.xlarge. It has 4 vCPU and… Baca selengkapnya

Physics Animation using Blender – Weekend Fun Project #3

In this weekend, I learned to create animation that represent physics system using Blender. After glancing at some of the work done by some creators I just realized that this is one of the tools to do my project dream to make physics simulation (or animation to be clear, because the value is not quite deterministic… Baca selengkapnya

Mencoba Membuat Deepfake – Fun Weekend Project #2

Weeend ini saya coba belajar tentang Deepfake dengan menggunakan Python. Deepfake adalah sebuah “program” yang dapat mengganti wajah seseorang di dalam foto atau video. Istilah deepfake menjadi populer sejak tahun 2018 ketika seorang pengguna Reddit dengan username u/deepfakes… Baca selengkapnya