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Tips on buying a USB-C Hub (a.k.a Dongle) for Macbook

The first thing to consider after buying a Macbook is buying a dongle. Yup, that dongle that will expand the functionality of the existing port of Macbook. Starting from 2016, Macbook only have Thunderbolt ports (with the same port as USB-C) and an audio jack attached on the body. No other kind of ports… Baca selengkapnya

How to Buy Kindle Book in Amazon (Change Address and Pay with Jenius Debit Card)

Yesterday I bought a book from Nicholas Cole “The Art and Business of Online Writing” in Amazon. I bought this book because this is the book from one of my writing inspirations, Nicolas Cole, and also because I want to try buying a book on Amazon. I choose the Kindle version rather than the… Baca selengkapnya