Physics Animation using Blender – Weekend Fun Project #3

In this weekend, I learned to create animation that represent physics system using Blender.

After glancing at some of the work done by some creators I just realized that this is one of the tools to do my project dream to make physics simulation (or animation to be clear, because the value is not quite deterministic to be called simulation).


I got the first inspiration from the video of Two Minutes Paper (again) about simulating breaking glass here:

That’s really interesting work so that I want to recreate this—just like last week’s project about First-Order-Model Deepfake.

I did some researches, especially I went through the video source in that video which named Phymec. And then I found various other new things, such as Bullet Physics and Blender.

The animation is created based on Bullet Physics library. It is a Python library that can represent the physics feature. Fortunately, Blender already has this Bullet Physics feature as a built-in and it can be done using the graphic interface, rather than just a straight command line.

So yeah, that’s why I want to learn about Blender.

Long story short, then I found “Moby Motion” Youtube channel that creates a lot of physics animation using blender for KEVA plank destruction. Not only that, but he also gives some tutorials to do this.

Working with Blender

I started working with Blender to recreate the animation that taught in the tutorial, and this is some of my early works:

Better color plank, but with a strange physics behavior


The best part about this Blender project is that it is not hard. I just need to click-click, choose the feature and combine the parameter.

But there is a painful problem here. The rendering process.

I don’t even think that the animation rendering process will take this long time.

For a simple animation, it can takes about 1 minute to render 1 frame. While there is 250 frames in my animation, it will take about 4 hours just for 10 second animation. What the heck!

For more complex animation (with background, advanced lighting, etc), it can takes about 10 minutes per frame! Consider rendering 250 frames, it need 2 days straight to finish rendering process.

So it is just impossible to render in my laptop. Beside it will take long time, it will also kill my laptop as my laptop is working with full power 2 days straight. Not only that, I will also can’t use my laptop anymore if it’s on the rendering mode.

So I need solution for this. And I found cloud rendering.

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