On buying bike—and its memories

I want to buy a bike.

I will use it to go to work so that I can consistently do workouts every day.

But wait a while.

Thinking about bike makes me remember about my dad.

I have some personal memories about bike and my dad.

College Bike

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When the first time I went to college, my parent didn’t have enough money to buy me a motorcycle.

Actually, it wasn’t a problem (for me) at all, because I can just walk to go to the campus.

But my dad (also my mom) do whatever they can to make my college life easier, so they decide to give me a bike.

There was an old bike at my house. The condition is still good, but it needs some repair to make it works normally.

My dad bring that bike to a machine shop in neighbor village. He replace some part such as pedal, saddle, tire, and etc.

Not only that, he bought me a padlock to keep the bike safe and not be stolen.

He made a joke about this:

If you lock your bike with this key, the thief can’t ride your bike.
Although he still can lift the bike and take it to another place xD

Bike for My Dad

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Another emotional memory is when I (and my mom, my bro, and sister) bought a bike for my dad.

It is about 2 years ago.

At that time, the condition of his bike is bad. He often go-to machine shop (at least once a week) to do tire repair, service the chain, and etc.

He did that even though he is unhealthy. He was still in recovery after got a stroke disease.

But because he want to go to mosque everyday, he did it.

After we realized all the struggles my dad was doing, we took the initiative to collect funds together and buy a new bicycle for him.

I still remember the time when I and my mom bought that bike. We bring the bike from the bike shop at the city to our home using motorcycle.

And when my dad saw the new bike, he was really happy.

He tried cycling with the new bike with a big smile on his face.




I hope you still have that smile in your face, Dad.

I really miss you.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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