Manim Notes: Complicated Update of Shader Branch

So yesterday I repaired my laptop by replace its corrupted hardisk to a new SSD.

Everything works fine now, and this night I came back to study about manim, especially manim with shader branch. It is an updated version of manim with lot of new feature (and error).

It now works with GPU rendering rather than CPU.

There are a bunch of new modules that should be installed, such as: OpenGL, ModernGL, pyglet, and many more, to make sure manim can work seamlessly.

Here are some important notes to wipe out the errors:

  1. The exact scene should be typed in the command line (there is no scene selector anymore).
    For example: python -m manim WriteStuff will work, while typing python -m manim and then select the scene will definitely cause an error.
  2. Preview mode (-pl) is not working unless the pyglet configuration is determined.
    I don’t know yet how to do that, so as an alternative, use write (-w) command or don’t add any more code after the command.

This shader branch is developed to render the animation in a live interactive window, as opposed to just writing mp4’s, which is way nicer for development.

That’s why normal preview mode command (-p) isn’t working as it using pyglet to show the result.

Obviously Grant works on mac. And he used Pyglet to show a live window. And obviously a live window should work differently in Colab notebook/Windows.

(from Discord Manim)

But yeah, there is more advantages to work this brand new manim in Colab to see the result in live interactive way.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

One thought on “Manim Notes: Complicated Update of Shader Branch”

  1. Thanks for the useful tips! How did you install manim-shader? I’ve googled and sought information from discord community but I couldn’t find it. Could you explain how to install manim-shader when manim-master is already installed?

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