Living Alone is Hard (Even for Introvert Person)

As an introvert person, I like being alone.

I like to sit in my room, read a book, work with my laptop, hunt for food, and doing everything alone.

But when it come to living (really) alone, it turns out that it hard.

Let me make it clear.

Living alone in a crowd world is fine, but living alone (just me) is hard.

This is just happened last night.

In the moment of Eid al-Adha, all of people in my flat leave. They all went back to their home, except me that still stay at house.

I think everything is okay at the first time, but after the time running for a while, it feels different.

It just me at house and to be honest I’m little bit scared.

The same thing happened about 4 months ago

When I was still in Yogyakarta and the COVID-19 virus started to spread, everyone went back to their homeland except me.

I thought everything will be fine as I’m already used to be alone.

But when the night came, I felt scared.

After two days living alone, finally I decided to go back to my hometown.

And yeah, living alone is hard, even for introvert person like me.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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