It’s too fast. Really.

On a quiet Thursday afternoon, I suddenly got a phone call from my friend—Suci.

I was quite shocked because it’s so strange that she called me at this time.

And then I was even more shocked when she explained that she just crashed with a car on the road and has been taken to the hospital.

My eyes began to tear up. I took a deep breath.

I left all of my work and hurry to go to the hospital with my friends.

I don’t know how to explain this. But, really, all of this is happened so fast.

Too fast.

I got into the hospital and found Suci with propped hands. She cried and I was getting teary.

It became more emotional when the doctor explained that there is a cracked bone and surgery is a must to heal her.

“Yes, do the surgery”, I said to the doctor.

I accompanied her night and day in the hospital room to make sure everything is going fine (I got help to take turns with other friends also)

Friday, she had a surgery that fortunately has been going well

Saturday, she was still recovering his body condition

Saturday night, when her condition is notably good, she called her family and gave the news about this accident.

Sunday afternoon, her family came.

And Tuesday, we got help from the office to use a car and driver to go to Bojonegoro. Me, Suci, her mom, and Kang Badi (the driver).

The Sad Part

The sad part of this story is that Suci can’t live in Salatiga again because she still needs about 2 months for recovery to got the cracked bone healed completely.

In our plan, she should still be working on her internship in Salatiga until the end of October. And we have some plan together to pass the time until that period.

But because of this accident, all of those plan are gone.

And this is going too fast.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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