It has been 1 year!

Today, I’ve been working at DTECH-ENGINEERING for 1 year. Since the first time I started work here, my job changed almost every day—in a positive way.

From what so-called physics geek, to growth hacker, to media manager, to Youtuber, going back to physics again, and so on… there’s never been a dull day.

It was a really amazing experience.

I learned a lot of things this year, of course, but there are some sh*t I have to face also.

(Actually, I plan to write this post in a long-post format. But I just don’t get the mood now, so here are the key points)

The good things

  • I’m working on something I really like: physics. It may be heard so naive, but that really is.
  • New high-level insight: I have gained many “high-level” insights that I had never known before. It can be a business-thing, technology, life wisdom, and so on.
  • Self-upgrading: There are a lot of targets that impossible to reach at the first time (in my opinion). But because of the pressure and the encouragement, surprisingly, I can do that. Therefore, I can reach the point that I’ve never imagined before.
  • Room for mistake: The company let me do mistakes as many as possible–just make sure I’m responsible for it.

What-the-heck things

  • There is a lot of anger. Due to the high pace and targets, the chief is often angry. And this condition makes me uncomfortable (even though the anger isn’t at me)
  • Encouraged to work overtime, like there is no life outside of work
  • Although I work here as a physicist, sometimes I have to work on the field that is not related and I don’t have any interest at all.
  • The salary is notably low in my standard. Fortunately, money is not a problem for me as I can do some side hustle to earn more money.
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