How to Install and Launch Jupyter Notebook from Terminal

Jupyter Notebook is unique tool for web-based interactive programming environment.

It can execute python command line by line with interactive displayed result.

Google Colaboratory is actually using this Jupyter Notebook format and I found it is very interesting. So I tried to use it on my laptop.

How to Install Jupyter Lab and Jupyter Notebook

Mainly I used pip for my programming environment, so I installed Jupyter Notebook using pip.

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install jupyterlab
pip install notebook

Jupyter Lab is upgraded version from classic notebook with more feature.

How to Launch Jupyter Lab and Jupyter Notebook from Terminal

Lot of tutorials in the internet suggest to launch jupyterlab or notebook by using this command:

jupyter lab


jupyter notebook

But it all don’t work for me, as it need to add jupyter executable file to the PATH and I still don’t know how to do it.

As the alternative, I can launch the jupyterlab and notebook easily using this command:

python -m jupyterlab
python -m notebook

The command can be executed in all directory via terminal (CMD).

Jupyter Notebook

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