How to fix Instagram “couldn’t refresh feed”

Few days ago, one of the instagram account that I handle got a problem.

I can log in to the account, but the account didn’t show anything. The feed, the profile, the setting, the DM, and anything can’t be loaded.

And on the screen, there is a message “couldn’t refresh feed”.

Firstly I thought that this is a connectivity problem, so that I neglect it for a few days. But the problem is still occured.

So how to fix it?

Log in to the account via browser. After login, there are some step to recover the account.

After that, the Instagram account in my phone came back to the normal.

Why does this happen?

This problem (in my case) happened because there is a post that have been removed by Instagram as it violate the community guideline.

This case make me more aware to create more safe content.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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