Finally, a new phone!

After long journey with my Xiaomi, finally I have to replace it with a new phone. It is Samsung M30s.

The main reason why I have to move from my Xiaomi phone is that the battery turned into crap. The battery drain so fast so that it takes only 2-3 hours to go from 100% until the phone turned off.

Not only that, there is also some problem at the charging port, so that it is hard to charge the phone.

I have to move the charger connector up and down, left and right, until it find the correct position to ensure the electron can move trough the connector.

If I accidentally move the phone, then I have to start again to adjust the charger connector.

It is so frustrating!

And the option to buy a new phone came into my mind.

The Option

When I try to look for a new phone, there are so many options, so many variants, that make me confuse.

My first choice was Realme 5 Pro—as I want a phone that has a nice camera at an affordable price. I watched many Youtube videos that review the camera of Realme 5 Pro for vlogging, and the result is very good.

But after trying to figured it out again. I think Realme is not a good choice.

I mean, it is a new brand. So that the quality is not yet settle there. Although the camera is good, but maybe (just maybe) the quality will decrease fast over time.

Then my choice is going to Samsung.

And I got hypnotized by Samsung M30s that have 6,000 mAh battery! What the heck!

It is huge battery. It is near my Galaxy tab’s battery (7,000 mAh).

Coupled with a nice triple camera, I think this is a good choice. To be honest I can’t compare the quality of the camera of the various phones. I just think that all of the new phones released this time have a good quality camera.

And I also found this video that shows how Samsung M30s performs for vlogging in the real-world.

Long story short, finally I bought it.

I bought it in Tokopedia at Thursday 28th May and the phone arrived at Friday 29th May! Yeah!

Photo from somewhere on the internet
My new Samsung phone and old Xiaomi

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