Drama always works – Tiktok Journey #2

People always say that they hate drama.

But in fact, people engage more to drama than a normal good content–although they don’t realize it.

And I just proved it today.

I post a drama-like content on Tiktok. It is about the incident that I got blocked by several Tiktok influencer that I reacted on their content.

And it went viral.

I posted it on 12.30 WIB–and I didn’t open my Tiktok again until afternoon, because I worried that my drama content will get more dislike rather than the hype that I want.

But it really went viral.

It got 80k view on the afternoon. And my followers count grow to 5300+ from just 3800.

So yeah, drama works–even though i did it by accident.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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