A new inspiration: Johny Harris

After dig dive into Youtube, I found a new role model that inspire me a lot.

It’s Johny Harris.

Charting an Unorthodox Path to a Job | by Phil Hedayatnia | Launchpad, a  newsletter by Phil Hedayatnia | Medium

Johny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist that working as the man behind Vox. Yeah, that Vox, the news website that has a beautiful video and story-telling style.

It’s surprising for me that Johny also create video in his personal Youtube channel beside of Vox.

And what surprising me more is that the quality of his personal video is as high as Vox videos. Damn!

Recently I just watched his amazing video titled “How I Took Picture of Galaxy”. This video show his journey on how he learn and finally succeed to take a photo of Messier 101 Galaxy from his backyard.

Here’s the video:

How on earth this man can create this video? Just wow!

And not only that, this video inspire me about the kind of content that I will make in my future Youtube Channel.

I want to buy a great telescope to take pictures of that celestial things out there!

And it will be great if I do this for Indonesian content.

Author: Fajrul

Amateur physicist and science writer

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