Working with Manim (again)!

Some time ago, I decided to stop learning manim for a while. It just uhm… too complicated. It can be better if I found another visualization tool that easier to use. BUT… While watching videos on Youtube, I meet again with the video of 3Blue1Brown, and I was bewitched by the beauty of the animation… Baca selengkapnya

Moving to Visual Studio Code (It’s Better than PyCharm)

The first time I focused to learn programming (about two months ago), I used PyCharm as my IDE (Integrated Development Environment). There is no reason for that. I used PyCharm simply because of the tutorial I watched at that time use PyCharm. Therefore I do that. But after using PyCharm for a while, it… Baca selengkapnya

Three-Body Problem Visualization Using Julia

The three-body problem is the problem of taking the initial positions and velocities of three-point masses and solving for their subsequent motion according to Newton’s laws of motion and Newton’s law of universal gravitation (Wikipedia). I just knew about three-body problem recently.… Baca selengkapnya

I’m feeling upset

Yeah, I’m feeling upset. I just cried this evening. Thinking about my life and my future that messed up. What will I do in the future? Can I handle it? All of the plan that I thought since I was young seems to be crashed. I lost my focus and energy. Hope this will pass soon.… Baca selengkapnya
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