Hi, my name is Fajrul Falah.

I have a diverse range of skills and experience in physics, education, and media.

I mainly identify myself as:

  • Physicist – I’m working at DTECH-ENGINEERING Company to do physics calculation for various tech products: from drone to electric vehicle.
  • Science Communicator – I founded Saintif, an online popular science media, that already has a total of 10M+ monthly website visitors, 140k+ followers on Tiktok, 70K+ on Instagram, and 100k+ on Youtube.

Currently, I am actively creating educational content on Youtube.

Work Experiences:

  • Founder and CEO, Saintif
    (2017 – Now)
    My responsibility is to manage the team to keep creating high-quality science content and at the same time growing the business aspect.
    (Jun 2019 – Now)
    I do physics analysis and calculation for various technology products: from the battery, drone, electric vehicle, and many more. Here are some highlighted projects:
    • Doing physics analysis and FEM (Finite Element Method) simulation for the development of new generation 5-axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Milling.
    • Theoretical work on the development of 4-stroke special engine for racing bike
  • Physics Laboratory Asistant, Bionano Material Lab, Diponegoro University
    (Aug 2018 – Jul 2019)
    • Doing synthesis, analysis, and simulation of various materials such as MnO2 nanorod and Carbon Nanotube as electrode for battery/supercapacitor
    • Assisting lab visitors in designing and conducting experiments
  • Expert Physics Problem Solver, Upwork
    (Jun 2017 – Aug 2018)
    I worked as a physics problem solver, helping clients from all around the world to solve physics problems. From as simple as physics homework, creating physics exam question, to the real physics problem in the industry.


Department of Physics
Diponegoro University
2015 – 2019

Human life

My vision is to bridge the gap between science and society.

If I am to talk about my life, I like reading books.

Key Milestones:

  • Tiktok Indonesia #MasterEdukasi (SIlver Medal) 2020
  • Champion of WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) 2019 on Media Category in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Quora Indonesia Best Writer 2019
  • Honorable Mention of National Physics Olympiad for Undergraduate Students 2017 & 2018
  • Gold Medal of JDIE (Japan Design and Innovation Expo) 2018 on Innovation Category
  • 2nd Round Finalist of Airbus Fly Your Ideas 2017 on Design Engineering Category